The decision to open a bespoke, where you can buy exclusively tailor-made shirts, ties and suits, was taken after a ten-year experience in the World of Fashion and of the Haute Couture.

The aim is to enthral my customers to the “tailor-made”, so that he can choose which suit to wear, according to the occasion, or what tie matches the shirt.

Wearing “tailor-made” requires:

  • CULTURE, in understanding the value of the items you purchase.

  • ENTHUSIASM, in choosing the most suitable fabric, in a wide range of possibilities.

  • CONFIDENCE, in wearing an exclusive garment, made in Italy, with handmade finishing

  • PATIENCE, while waiting for the suit you’ve chosen to be made

In a cosy atmosphere I will create, together with my client, his special garment, choosing the model, the colour and the fabric together, giving suggestions on how to wear it and maintain it.

Wearing tailor-made garments is a habit or a necessity for somebody, but it is a sign of style and elegance for everybody.

In my bespoke, I would like to guarantee to my client the quality of a service and of an item, beyond time and the excessiveness of costs



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